a new beginning

I’ve always heard the saying “today is the first day of the rest of your life”. There’s always a new day coming to make a change or do something new. Every day is a new beginning and there’s always something new that will happen every day.

My new beginning starts here with me writing my very first blog. I’ve thought about it for years but never had the chance to start a blog. So please be patient with me until I get used to this.

My children, Sophia(4) and Isabella (2), always find ways to make every day different, whether it’s watching them learn something new or hearing them talk in complete sentences correctly, every day becomes an adventure. They make sure I stay on my toes playing games and learning to ride a trike. I personally think they need to slow down  growing. It’s all went by to fast.

In the process of my husband and me planning for another child, without mention to our oldest, she comes up and asks me if I will have another baby for her and sissy to play with. I was in awe of her question because I had no clue she realized that mommies have babies and aren’t delivered by storkes. But the silence broke fast and tim and me laughed at the thought of her knowing maybe one day there’ll be a baby in my belly again.

I can’t wait to see what other funny things my kids will say or do ad they get older and what kind of crazy adventures we’ll get into.

Until next time.



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