The power of prayer

You never know how different your life can be until you’ve given your heart to  God. Everyone’s experience with God is different. Some people take longer to feel the change and some people feel the change the second the words “please forgive me” come out in prayer.

In my own experiences with God I’ve turned my back on him on a few different occasions. And every time I made my decision it felt harder and harder to feel the forgiveness he gives to those who choose to follow him. But in my last attempt to make things right with God I felt his Grace and mercy almost instantly.

My dad who is a  preacher, preached a message one time about praying through your struggle. He said that some people pray till they feel their peace is accomplished but still feel a sense of uneasiness. Praying through, whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 hours, it’s worth the time it takes to get the peaceful feeling God gives us when we pray through.

No matter what don’t give up on God. His timing is always perfect no matter what the situation. Just remember to pray through and hold on. Keep faith in God and the power of prayer.


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